The Toast

it's toast


When can I eat toast? Usually, toast is eaten between 6am and 8:34am. In theory, it can be eaten at other times, however, we do not condone this behaviour officially.

Can I give my kids toast? Yes! Kids don’t really know anything about food which means that they usually eat toast without questioning it.

Can I put toppings on toast? People do although we’re not particularly happy about it. In our opinion toast has all the flavour and texture you need without needing to add more things to it. Toast is structurally very weak so if you are going to add a topping you should make sure it is a very thin spread, ideally no more than a few atoms thick.

History of Toast

Did you know toast was actually invented before bread? It’s thought in prehistoric times, people would toast mashed-up leaves before consuming them. Once bread came along it was a small step to put it close to fire and hey presto, toast. This happened about 4000BC and since then very little has changed in the toast world. Why change a winning formula?


Butter on Toast. Ingredients: Toast. Butter. Method: Place 12 grams of butter onto a knife and spread evenly over the toast.

Beans on Toast. Ingredients: Toast. Baked Beans. Butter. Method: Start with buttered toast (see above). Heat a can of beans and pour over toast.

Jam on Toast. Ingredients: Toast. Jam. Butter. Method: Start with buttered toast (see above).


What does your shade of toast say about you?

Light: You’re a bread fan, who, just wants to eat toast so they can look cool.

Medium: You like toast.

Dark: You hate moisture. Maybe you’re a bodybuilder getting ready for showtime or maybe your spirit animal is a cactus.